GNB Weekly Saturday Can Releases

Location: 2444 NW 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97210. (buiding says 2448, 2444, 2446). No GNB sign, just some construction signs. 

Parking: Sorry, parking sucks around here for now. This should hopefully change once our new NW taproom opens up. Find a nice spot along the sidewalk somewhere. DO NOT park in our employee spots right in front/next to our current construction. Feel free to park along our fence. Do not park in any other businesses' parking spots or they may tow you. 

Time: 12 noon start time, however, we may begin selling earlier if we are ready.  When the beer is all sold out or if we finish serving everyone in line, we may close up and shop. Any leftover beer we will bring to our Alberta St. brewpub to sell there throughout the week. We will try to send a tweet on Twitter when we close up shop. We have been typically closing up before 2 pm as that is when you customers have stopped coming. 

Process: Sorry but with construction the exact line/process will change weekly. Please queue up in front of our roll up bay door and if not, then in front of the black fence near our space and towards industrial (not Nicolai). 

Allocations: We will decide on the allocations the morning of, depending on how many of you actually show up.  We will try to update our Instagram posts about the event with more details on allocation. 

Payment: We use Square for can releases currently. Apple and Google Pay is fastest. We will accept cards and cash, though GNB gift cards will not work on Square, sorry. You can use those at our brewpub though. 

Kids: Even though we are super kid friendly (our 3 owners each have 2 kids), please try to not bring kids to our can releases, as half of our new building is still a construction zone (we are still building out the restaurant). If you need to, trust us, we understand. 

Drinking: No line shares / no drinking in line.

Respect: Try to be respectful to our neighboring businesses please with noise and litter

Litter: Please don't litter inside or outside of our building. Clean up after yourself.